Yes, it is Possible to get your Relationship Going Again

After a relationship break up who could blame you for looking and feeling totally used and unwanted. But, believe me, this is one of the hardest things to overcome, if, you want to get back with your ex again, or, simply start a new life without your ex.

One thing that drives people a mile away from you at this time is that how you are feeling that somehow think will be kind of catching and they sure don’t want to be in the same space that you are in right now.
So, you’ve got to overcome a few things first, no matter how difficult it seems just to get out of a chair.

Firstly, access what you want to do. Do you really want your ex partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband back in your life? You’ll be feeling pretty empty inside right now and thinking of nothing else, but, now that you’ve got a bit of time on your side, how about completely reassessing whether the relationship was really worthwhile. After all, we’ve only got a very small time on this earth and a lot of that time can be spent in a relationship so you sure want to make sure that that person is a bundle of laughs, charming, or, just has certain things that you are just crazy about. However, if she or he was just drop dead good looking and then dumped you – truly have a good look at why you would want them back. These shallow types are really good at breaking relationships – more than likely you wont have have been the first and you sure wont be the last. To them it’s just a game, they love the way that they managed to hook you in until you can’t leave them alone and then they’re bored – game over.

So, once you’ve accessed whether or not you do want to get back into the relationship it’s time to start picking yourself again. The first thing is to get social. If you’ve had a long close relationship chances are you’ve lost a few friends along the way. So, start getting out by taking in some movies, or, go and watch some games. If you’re on your own – don’t worry about it, so are many others at these events, it’s just important to practice socializing again.

Go get a new look. Go to the hairdresser and get some advise on what would look great but different to the hairstyle you’ve got now. Then, if you’ve got a little spare cash, go and get yourself some new clothes and lastly change everything around in your home. What we’re after here is a new fresh – you.

Now this is more imperative and the most difficult thing of anything else in a relationship break up. So, you’ve got a whole new look and you’ve regained a lot of self confidence because of it. The first thing you want to do is go showing off the new you to your ex. Forget it. Don’t phone, don’t casually walk down their street knowing that’s about the time they come home from work. Don’t go near them on the internet. Just don’t. When they’re ready they’ll come looking for you and you’ve got to wait this time out. They’ll be very curious to know what happened to you and why you haven’t been in contact. But if you make the first move you’ll blow it.

Now, when you do have that first meeting make sure its short and that if they talk about your old relationship, change the subject and don’t suggest another meeting. Let them suggest it and if they don’t well you’re suddenly in the box seat for when they give you a call and suggest you meet again. Lot’s more tips on our site.

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