Yoga and the Song That Inspires Your Mind

Yoga and music hold an intangible power to cause positive arousal within the mind. The comparison of Yoga and music does not stop here. We might say that Yoga is a science, and music is an art, but both create innovation within the practitioners of these two disciplines.

Have you ever risen in the morning with a song in your heart? Is it a song filled with joyful anticipation for the new day? In this case, the day will likely be filled with happiness. Although happiness is not a guarantee of a successful outcome, positive inspiration tends to carry you forward – even during trying times.

Inspiration runs much deeper than motivation, because it causes the mind to act and create. All too often, people suppress creative ideas because their motivation level has run low. Inspiration is a form of internal or divine guidance that helps us to create and solve problems.

Our dilemma is deciding which voices to listen to. Should you listen to the voice that tells you Yoga, music, and creativity are bad? Should you take a chance? Should you leave all of your responsibilities behind? Some of us believe in an “all or nothing” approach to life.

When you move toward something that inspires you, it is wise to take small steps in moderation. We should use our mind as well as our heart, when risk is involved. Outside advice is always worth considering – whether we agree or not.

Yet, how can you be absolutely assured that a risk you take will not leave you vulnerable? In truth, when it comes down to taking a chance, you cannot be absolutely assured. You can study to your “heart’s content,” but when you take a risk, there is always a chance of failure.

In the words of Alfred Lord Tennyson: “I hold it true, whatever befall; I feel it, when I sorrow most; ’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” We often forget that we can always learn from our past mistakes, but our daily life is a matter of chance.

Yoga and a song that inspires the mind make life and its risks much easier to bear. Take the time to enjoy your Yoga practice and the music you hear each day. The outcome of a day is determined by many different factors, but a positive mindset sways the odds in your favor.

© Copyright 2009 – Paul Jerard / Aura Publications