You Can Meet Rich Women and Have a Great Time

There are countless Hollywood stories which feature a young, pretty woman from a humble background who manages to capture the heart of a rich businessman with millions in the bank but an aching void in his heart. It is easy to become cynical about it, especially if you are a working-class guy with pennies in the bank and a broken-down pickup in the driveway. If you even have a driveway, for that matter. What can be said without fear of contradiction is that in that woman’s shoes, if the millionaire was a woman, most men would be flattered and interested.

Whatever the case may be, whether we are looking for long term love or just someone to have a bit of fun with, there are plenty of advantages to meeting rich women. Not least of these is the fact that they have met hundreds of rich men. In a lot of cases they are sick to the back teeth. After all, Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” was somewhat based on a true story, even if he was moderately well-off by the time he met Christie Brinkley. Some rich women will want to pair off with rich men they met at polo matches. Others won’t.

There are many ways to meet rich women, and none of them is absolutely certain to work out how you hoped. That’s part of the challenge, and the thrill of the chase. Sure, you can go to the cliched rich girl hangouts. You’re bound to find a few at the opera or the ballet, although the drawback to this is that you will have parted with close to a week’s wages by the time tuxedo and tickets have been bought. You could try making the best of circumstances instead, and see how that works out.

After all, it’s not as though you’re scrabbling around in the dirt looking for pennies to pay for a bottle of beer. You’re not a total pauper, so the chances to meet rich women may not be so distant as you might think. Sometimes it just happens, and the key is to be ready and charming when it does.