You Need a FishFinder GPS Before You Go Fishing

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While sailors have been using marine GPS for years now, fishermen (and women) are starting to rely on marine GPS units that are specialized for finding fish or Fishfinder (also fish finder) GPS.

Basic marine GPS units are manufactured by several companies – Humminbird (common misspellings are Humming Bird and Hummingbird) Fishfinder GPS, Eagle Fishfinder GPS, Garmin, Lowrance Fishfinder, Eagle Fishfinder, and NorCross HawkEye Fish Finder. As you can see the number of manufacturers for fish finder GPS is very small and the leader, based on the number of products and popularity of products based on user feedback on sites like Amazon is Humminbird (there is no ‘g’ in their name) and Garmin.

Like most portable GPS units, fishfinders by and large are portable however many do include mounting brackets for your boat. All are also water proof, so if you happen to get water on it (which is possible since you are on the water) you will not damage the delicate electronics inside. It used to be that all fish finder GPS units were black and white, however today you will find some color units. Virtually all units will include a sonar, which is what is needed to find out where the fish are.

Fish finders work using sonar, they send out a signal (or sound wave) and objects that are in its path “bounce back” letting the device know where the fish are. If the signal doesn’t bounce back right away it will reach the bottom. Soft bottoms like mud and weeds will absorb the signal while harder bottoms will reflect a stronger signal back to the fisn finder. These differences will let you know whether there are any fish in the area you are in.

In addition to all the normal fishing gear you need to make your trip enjoyable (including the beer – drink responsibly) the marine GPS unit or Fishfinder is a must, especially if you do not want to go back to camp empty handed and become the brunt of jokes.

Marine Electronics – Lowrance Fishfinder Technology

The fast pace of modern technology means there is always a new gadget or device on the marine electronics market. For example, Lowrance recently introduced Broadband Sounder technology into their line of fishfinders. The Lowrance Broadband Sounderâ„¢ can actually see through structures to detect fish and is also capable of operating at high speed in deep water.

Lowrance has a strong reputation for reliable fishfinders and this new technology makes their product line more appealing than ever. The Lowrance Broadband Sounderâ„¢ offers increased capability for target separation and improved detail in shallow waters.

What Makes the Lowrance Broadband Sounderâ„¢ different?
Lowrance fishfinders with Lowrance Broadband Sounder™ use a 200 kHz single frequency transducer covering a 60° field of view. The transducer then sends out another signal at 83 KHz covering a 120° field of view. Because the scanning area is broader, targets remain in view for a longer period which means more information can be collected on the target, thus refining the details.

Using the Broadband Sounder technology Lowrance has overcome a common tradeoff. Typically a strong detail at the bottom has meant less definition in the shallow part of the cone. The new technology means greater definition of countours, thermoclines and underwater structures. The result is the ability to use the Lowrance fishfinder to locate fish hiding in grass, weeds, skirting rocks and otherwise playing hard to get.

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When you crank up the power on a traditional transducer to increase detail in deeper waters, the result is often increased clutter. While there is more information it is often harder to decipher because of this increased clutter. The Lowrance Broadband Sounderâ„¢ reduces the clutter so when you turn up the gain on the fishfinder, the clutter is filtered, making the detail easier to understand and the fish easier to see. The technology is therefore really useful for clarity in deep water and at the bottom of a river, lake or seabed.

Advantages of The Lowrance Broadband Sounderâ„¢ Fishfinder
The new technology offered in Lowrance fishfinders provides strong bottom lock at high speeds in deep waters. It offers better clarity than previously possible in fishfinder technology and uses digital filtering algorithms to reduce clutter at high gain. This is heavy duty technology for serious fishermen. If you want to take your sportfishing to the next level, it could well be worth your while to look into the the Lowrance Broadband Sounderâ„¢ technology next time you are in the market for a fishfinder.

Have You Tried a Fish Finder Yet?

If you are looking for a great gift either for yourself or for a fisherman, there is no better gift to give than one that will help them find fish. Hummingbird fish finders offer some great features that set them apart from other fish finders. As we all know, a great fish finder can make all the difference in a day of fishing, you will no longer have to worry if you will actually catch any fish on a given day when you are using one.

If you plan to fish from more than one boat, a portable fish finder will work best for you. Perhaps sometimes you fish from your speedboat and other times you just want to go out in your canoe or inflatable boat. A portable one will work in any of these boats, as the suction cup will adhere to any material.

One of these nifty little gadgets will accurately display the bottom and structure of a lake or ocean. Structure is where there is a variance in the contours of the lake or ocean bottom. For instance, this might include holes, shelves, ledges and drop offs. Structure should not be confused with cover, as cover is natural or man-made areas where fish like to hide. Some examples of cover are brush, weed beds or a sunken ship.

Hummingbird fish finders give you the opportunity to not only see where the fish are, but what environment they are in as well. Most people that use them agree that it is important that the finder they purchase is easy to use, is portable (if they fish in more than one boat) and that the picture is clear no matter what the weather.

But the number one feature that everyone is looking for in one is that it will actually see fish. This will not be a problem with any Hummingbird product as the company works hard to ensure you get accurate readings that are easy to interpret. The great resolution in a Humminbird makes all the difference.

Once you use Hummingbird fish finders, you will learn how to adjust your settings so that fish show up as a fish icon on the screen. If this setting is disabled, you will see fish as an arch. But either setting will make all the difference in the world in your ability to find more fish.

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