Your Ab Workout – 7 Tips For Finding the Best Ab Workout

Are you still trying to find the best ab workout? Many people are. In fact, ab workouts and ab routines are one of the most searched for fitness routines on the internet.

As we become more a nation of super-sized foods our waste lines continue to expand and hide that six pack we have. Many people that are otherwise fit simply have a little extra fat around the middle that has to be gotten rid of to expose those abs.

There are a number of abs programs that will help, if you use them, but you need to keep a few things in mind.

1 – Don’t get confused by all of the hype for the “best ab workout”. There are many available and you need to look at each one individually to see if it fit your particular need.

2 – All abs workout routines work for awhile. BOSU ball exercises, low reps, high reps, stability ball routines, body weight workout and weighted work all work for a time. Then your body plateaus and the results not only stop but sometimes  reverse unless you change your routine.

3 – The best ab workout will progress from stable floor work with your body weight to a unstable surface such as a stability ball. This way all of your core muscles will get worked.

4 – Body weight exercises are a must to develop the core and should be the foundation of a solid abs workout program.

5 – Stability ball workouts with a heavy dumbbell and weighted ab crunches with cables will develop the muscles lying under the fat and make those abs “pop”.

6 – Diet is a big part of an abs routine. Any abs program must include a healthy, strength building diet. It is not possible to develop six pack abs that will overcome poor eating.

7 – Stay away from all of the latest “east to use” “guaranteed to work” advertised on late night television. They are a waste of your time and money.