Your Boyfriend’s Driving You Nuts – How Do You Know If a Relationship is Worth Saving?

It seems like you’re always fighting about something. He’s slamming doors and you’re crying. And he’s just so distant sometimes that you can’t seem to communicate with him. Maybe the two of you have already split up to get some space and you’re wondering if you should try to get back together. Things are so bad that you have to ask yourself, how do you know if a relationship is worth saving.

There are some important factors that you should consider when you’re trying to determine if your relationship can and should be saved.

Think about the fidelity issue. Is there trust between the two of you so that you both are sure that the other wouldn’t be unfaithful? Be honest because this issue is something you really need to address. If one of you is going to cheat then there’s no point, because what you have together is inevitably going to go up in flames sooner or later.

Another thing to consider is whether you feel comforted in your relationship or do you always seem to need comforting because of it? You should honestly feel like he’s there for you when you’re down or something in your life is bothering you. Likewise, you should feel like it’s usually not a lot of trouble to listen and be able to tell when something is important to him.

Now you need to decide whether to two of you really like spending time together. You want to think of the people you most like spending your time with. Make a list. Is he on it? That’s a pretty big indicator when you ask yourself, how do you know if a relationship is worth saving. Likewise, how much time does he spend with his friends. It’s fine for him to spend some time with them, but if that’s all he does in his spare time then you’ve got a decent idea of whether you’re on his list.

So how do you know if a relationship is worth saving? Trust, comfort and enjoying your time together will give you your best clues.