Your Kidney Stones Growing Larger – Are You Going to Need Surgery?

Kidney stones are a very common medical condition that are said to be highly painful. Many people compare to the pain to something similar to a kitchen knife being stuck in your back and then turned. Often times the pain lasts for several hours, or at least until the stone has passed completely. Stones are created and passed within the urinary tract which includes the bladder, kidneys, and urethra.

When it comes to kidney stones, there are several different types and each type comes in different sizes and shapes. Some can be as small as a grain of sand while others are the size of a golf ball. The main cause of a kidney stone is not drinking enough water, but there are various others that can contribute to the forming of a stone. The most commonly seen kidney stones are calcium oxalate stones and calcium phosphate stones, but there are also struvite, uric acid, and cystine stones, but these are often rare.

However, before you seek any type of treatment for your kidney stone, you may want to consult a doctor that will be able to inform you about the type you have. If you have a rare type of kidney stone, extra treatment may be needed to ensure that you never pass one again. Though, if you have a common kidney stone, you should most definitely look into alternative treatment that will help you.

Kidney Stone Treatment

If you’re not new to kidney stones, you’re probably aware of the offered treatments. You may also know that treatment for kidney stones can be expensive and can lead to a pile up of medical bills. Many people don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on surgery and hospital fees, so they often go and look for alternative treatment that is still effective but isn’t as expensive in the long run. Remember, surgery should be your last resort as a treatment for kidney stones.

If you you really want a method that has worked for many people, take a look at online resources. This is a great quick fix for anyone who has been suffering from kidney stones for a period of time. The method is entirely natural and doesn’t cost a lot of money, which means no surgery and no doctor visits.

All it takes is drinking a certain liquid and then eating the listed greens which will work together to break down your kidney stone. Driking the right liquids and eating the right foods will break down and wash out your kidney stone entirely. Even if you are diabetic, don’t be afraid to try this method because there is no added caffeine or sugar that could destabilize your blood sugar levels.