You’re Beautiful, Don’t Give Up on Yourself

Most people don’t bother to do anything about the way they look when they reach the following stages:

• Are in a stable relationship with a guy they deem will never leave them till the day they die;
• Are married because….well, what’s the point?
• Have children. Who’s got time?
• Depressed. Who’s got the enthusiasm for it?
• Reach fifty or menopausal age….sigh….

Here’s the thing about up-keeping yourself – you’ve got to do it for you. The more you do it for yourself, the better things become. You’ll see. Women who have reach the 50-year mark are most susceptible to feeling like it’s not worth it anymore or that it’s not even possible to be confident in their wrinkle-filled skin…who’d want to look at a face like that, anyway, they think.

But it’s possible and I strongly encourage women who have reached the above stages to keep at it because it’s so simple that you’d laugh at your own indecisiveness and inability to see that it means so much to a woman to keep herself happy with the way she looks.

Creams, lotions and procedures offering anti-aging solutions is one way to go but basically, what I am trying to say is that it all starts within you. Having peace of mind, confidence and the ability to enjoy life is the first step. This is the solution for people who are in their fifties and people who are depressed.

The next step is to identify products that could help you feel young, beautiful, attractive, sexy and interesting despite all the things you believe of yourself. Some creams promises to erase ten years off your face, some has the ability to wipe off years with a mere whiff like anti-aging perfumes…whatever it is, if it works for you, keep at it.

And of course, you’ll need stay away from stuff and habits that ages you like alcohol and cigarettes. Not only do they age your body, they age your skin very quickly too. Drink lots of water throughout the day because water hydrates your body and your skin – your skin and body need a lot of water to flush out nasty components that your body produces actively throughout the day. Exercise keeps you mentally and physically positive and fit, therefore never underestimate the power of a short walk around the park every day.

There’s one other thing that makes you feel and look absolutely young and vibrant and that is your relationship with other people around you. hang around your friends and catch up with your family members often because the vibe that they give you (the positive, of course) will rub off on you and it’s a sure-fire way to make you feel completely on top of the world. It doesn’t cost you anything and yet, it’s priceless.