YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter – How to Leverage Web 2.0 For Your Online Business

Web 2.0 is by far the most popular Internet concept today. Social media has attracted countless numbers of users to giant social networks. Social media giants like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter attract the highest amount of traffic outside of search engines. The traffic that these websites contain has the potential to give your business significant momentum.

Imagine your business as a large boulder on the edge of a hill. However, there is a small rock underneath it that’s holding it from rolling over the edge. The small rock is these three social networks. Learning and mastering the marketing concepts for these three sites is literally removing that rock and allowing that boulder to roll over the edge.

Although these three networks are the small rock in my analogy, you can see the effects of the momentum that the boulder achieves as it rolls down the hill. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter provide the proper leverage needed in jumpstarting your online business. What are the benefits of using these three social networks?

Let’s start with YouTube. YouTube is ranked number three on The only two sites ahead of YouTube are Google and Yahoo. This means YouTube gets the highest amount of traffic outside of the two largest search engines on the Internet.

YouTube is a video marketing site comprised of a variety of users. There are music videos, personal blogs, comedians, and so much more. The YouTube community is very interactive. Users can rate your video, subscribe to your channel, favorite a video or create a video response.

The most important feature of YouTube, however, is its direct association with Google. Creating a video both interesting and original creates a higher ranking in Google’s search results.

Have you ever looked up a how-to tutorial? Chances are you’ll find a website specializing in that tutorial. You’ll also find YouTube videos that show exactly how to carry out the tutorial. If you begin researching keywords and learn how to implement them into your YouTube video, you can start moving up in the Google search results. Can you see the potential in the direct connection between these two high traffic sites?

Next we’ll talk about Facebook. Facebook is ranked number four on for highest traffic website. The beautiful thing about Facebook is its viral behavior. For example, if I made a video and posted it, all my friends can see it under newsfeed. Let’s say a few of them decide to comment on my video. All their friends will see that they commented on my video and decide to check out my video. Eventually everyone outside my friend circle will be able to see my video.

Another feature about Facebook is the ability to create groups. Once you have enough friends, you can create your own group and use it as a secondary list. If you have 100 people on your primary list and 100 people in your Facebook group, you now have 200 people to broadcast your message to.

Facebook also has a chat feature. You have the option to chat with any of your Facebook friends as long as they are on Facebook. This allows you to build relationships with other network marketers. Remember, relationships are what make your business successful.

Lastly, there’s Twitter. Twitter is very unique because it is designed for a minute by minute update for each particular user. You only have 140 characters to tell all your friends what you’re currently doing. Most marketers use Twitter for a sales pitch, quote, or news article.

Although Twitter doesn’t seem very interactive, there is a feature that allows you to reply to other people’s messages. Another feature that Twitter users utilize is the ReTweet function. This function allows you to repeat an update from another user for your followers to see. Twitter users appreciate other users repeating their updates, because it exposes an update to an even larger audience.

By interacting with other users and posting worthwhile updates, you can create a large following of people in a relatively short amount of time. The key to a successful Twitter account is to have a large number of followers in your target market.

As you can see, these three Web 2.0 giants contain a huge amount of leverage for your online business. They all contain high amounts of traffic and can provide you large amounts prospects in your target market. Start learning the marketing techniques that effectively pull prospects to your business.

Remember, Web 2.0 is the little rock holding your business from rolling over the edge. If you can dominate the social networks, you are removing that little rock. Once that boulder starts rolling, you will do some serious damage in the network marketing industry.