Yuan Renguo: Good Article, Then Out Of The Wine World Wine – Yuan Renguo, Maotai – Food Industry

In Guizhou Maotai goes to the first half of a satisfactory performance report, shares of the company chairman Yuan Renguo Maotai an interview that the articles do a good job and then out of the wine world of wine, Energy , Level of real estate to become Maotai diversification. Investment Advisor in the food industry, Chen Chen, chief researcher believes that diversity will be Spirit Business trends.

Maotai achieved strong first half growth rate, with the economic rebound and two-factor in the promotion of liquor season, should be optimistic about the performance of the second half Maotai. After the results announcement, shares of the company chairman Yuan Renguo Maotai NetEase accepted an interview that Sell Exceed 500 billion Maotai development objectives, expected output in 2015 reached 30,000 tons Maotai, 2020, annual production reached 40,000 tons, with annual sales to reach 50 billion by 2020.

6 on the evening, Moutai release first half of 2009 performance report, January-June 2009, achieved revenues of 5.54 billion yuan Maotai, up 20.05 percent; to achieve operating profit 3.9 billion yuan, up 24.20 percent; to achieve net profit of 2.79 billion yuan, an increase of 24.59%. January-June 2009, the company produced 23,800 tons of Maotai and products, up 35.9%; operating income, gross profit rose by 20.05% and 24.20%.

Achieve such impressive results, the Yuan Renguo that good wine article and then out of the wine world, in addition to wine China wine report: Youfadaihao 23-189 local post office can subscribe to the industry chain, such as sorghum, wheat Raw material Piece, the energy level of real estate as Maotai the goal of diversification. “Good wine culture, out of the wine world”, which is made chairman Yuan Renguo Maotai development policy, which is related to the diversification of diversity Maotai.

Present, Maotai liquor Maotai is the leading, but Maotai wine industry has always insisted on the implementation of a diversification strategy. In recent years, has set foot in Maotai Beer , Liquor, wine, liquor, wine industry health. Learning the original wine groups in Guizhou merger, so that once a loss of “learning Liquor Group” in 2001 to more than 800 million profit renewed Wonder; 2001 merged brewery in Guizhou Zunyi, Guizhou Maotai Brewery Co., Ltd. established and Hebei far on foot Wine Industry, wine industry Co., Ltd. established. Although the strengths

Maotai wine, the risk diversification of risks faced. However, investment consultant in the food industry, Chen Chen, chief researcher believes that diversification will be the liquor business trends. Old rivals such as Maotai Wuliangye , Now has involved dozens of industries; Shuijingfang do in the real estate fast, and this year is expected to thickening of the real estate business Shuijingfang performance.

Investment adviser in the release of “2009-2012 China Liquor Market Investment Analysis and Prediction of the report” shows that in the liquor industry, the increasingly fierce market competition and declining profit trend, diversification is the liquor industry breakthrough, finding new profit growth of one of the principal means.

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