Yue Shan Marriage Nu Er Wine Market Structure Has Changed – The Ancient Yue Shan, Nu Er – Food

September 11, shareholders of the General Assembly adopted decision Yue Shan, Yue Shan agreed to 162 million price, buy Shaoxing Rice wine NU ER Investment Limited held 95% of the shares. The investment adviser Food Industry researcher Chen Chen believes that with the marriage of the ancient Yue Shan NU ER, rice wine market structure will change, and the Jinfeng Yue Shan wine wine two listed companies will be formed two opposite camps.

Shaoxing rice wine industry bigger and integration of resources
Data show that the controlling shareholder of Yue Shan Shaoxing rice wine group, which is Shaoxing rice wine, Shaoxing NU ER Group’s industry, thus contributed to the integration of the two giants. The purpose of the acquisition NU ER Yue Shan, is the main industry to do big strong rice wine, rice wine resources integration. NU ER in the acquisition of ancient Yue Shan behind the integration of resources the Government of Shaoxing rice wine industry big commitment.

Shaoxing rice wine characteristics and advantages as the industry total, the scale has been small, the lack of scale. Traditional pillar industries as one of Shaoxing, Shaoxing rice wine, the industry combined ratio, but also a ” Wuliangye “The integration of NU ER is the wine industry development strategy to sustain. NU ER by strengthening and expanding its brand to further enhance the ancient Yue Shan strength.

In NU ER into the management system of the ancient Yue Shan, the NU ER is also prepared to increase development efforts. It is reported that this year’s NU ER’s production will reach 30,000 tons, will be expanded to 50,000 tons next year. NU ER for years now Sell Volume is 2 billion within three to five years, NU ER sales will reach 500 million yuan. Information, Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. is a NU ER with large production scale and high quality brand of rice wine company, founded in 1919. The registered capital is 34,496,500 yuan, 15 Shaoxing rice wine in China, one of protection of origin.

Wine market structure will change Present, Jinfeng Wine, About Mount, the ancient Yue Shan, NU ER is four leading wine industry, acquisition of NU ER Yue Shan, pull off the integration of Shaoxing rice wine, yellow wine to enhance the competitiveness of an important manifestation of the core. Investment adviser in the food industry researcher Chen Chen believes that the joint Yue Shan and NU ER make this pattern changed greatly.

Prior to this, large Bright The wine business has completed its first round of integration into the original first food and drink, has been renamed wine wineries. With the acquisition of ancient Yue Shan NU ER, rice wine into the market structure and Jinfeng Yue Shan wine two listed companies confront the situation of the two camps.

Currently, wineries and wine and the wine’s markets in Shanghai Shikumen home dominance, but the ancient Yue Shan territory in the national market, superior. Yue Shan sold nationwide network of food distribution terminal, and after the acquisition of the national brand NU ER, Yue Shan greater national impact.

The first half of the performance of both companies have declined mid-year report. Jinfeng Wine earnings from the first half of 473.6877 million yuan main services, down 86.29 percent; to achieve operating profit 95.4531 million yuan, down 41.17 percent year on year; a net profit of 81.4851 million yuan, down 37.43 percent year on year; Yue Shan achieve Operating income 344,309,800 yuan, down 28.80 percent; realized net 39,587,500 yuan, down 47.31 percent; to achieve Alcohol Sales income 326,072,400 yuan, down 28.75%.

Investment adviser in the release of “2009-2012 China’s wine market, Investment Analysis and Prediction of the report” shows tons of rice wine wine prices are far lower than Spirit And Wine , Only the largest beer consumption than the general public than 200 yuan. In recent years, average annual growth rate of the national wine production is less than 5%, well behind other liquor types. Hundreds of home value of domestic wine business only in the more than 40 billion yuan, industrial enterprises are small, small, brand concentration is not, wine industry concentration will be higher. BOLA TANGKAS