Zhang Jindong, Suning: The Expo Crowd Attracted To Nanjing

Opening of the Shanghai World Expo will be successful, technological innovation has become the eternal theme of the Expo, and low-carbon, Environmental protection Shanghai World Expo has become the biggest bright spot. As the largest Home Appliances Chain retail enterprises, and outstanding representatives of private enterprises Suning Electrical and Fosun Group, Alibaba.com, China Meikailong private enterprises and other enterprises to form the Joint Center, to show the world the vitality of the private economy in China and exciting.

An interview to Mr. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning, Suning to participate on the feelings and the World Expo World Expo impact on the household appliances industry, interviews and other related issues.

Recently, the World Expo Shanghai business card project sponsors and Suning Appliance Business Investment Group signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement, the consumer can use the World Expo in Shanghai, Suning stores business cards to spend, while Suning during the Expo will also be sub- their introduction of gift activities presented to the Expo business card shoppers.

It is understood that the “Expo Business Card” is a collection of both consumption and value of stored value cards, contactless payment method used. Its biggest feature is the fast and convenient, each spending an average time of only 1-2 seconds, significant savings in time wasted due to line payment, you can store Suning Shanghai World Expo site and the use of the future will be to promote national Suning stores is a consumer and Expo visitors very convenient method of payment, but also very gifts, souvenirs collection value of the Expo.

Suning Appliance as Shanghai and the country’s largest commercial retail business, with its convenient network coverage, high-end fashion store terminal image, rich personalized shopping experience, improve the pre-sale Service , Invested in Shanghai World Expo Group’s unique business card designated consumer electronics retailer.

Jinling Evening News: Have you personally visited the Expo site, personally think that the most recommended most of the first went to the museum do what? Zhang Jindong

: I have not died Expo site, but we hold the World Expo in China, of course, go first to the China Pavilion. Second, private enterprises in China museum representatives businesses outstanding private enterprises will show infinite vitality of China’s private economy, I believe the exhibition hall outside the exhibition hall will be as same as China’s private economy exciting, vibrant, worth a visit. The theme of the Expo is “Better City, Better Life”, so I think the green, low carbon, environmentally friendly urban best practices, we should also see the exhibition.

Jinling Evening News: This year is the Expo, the nationwide attention. Expo Hall as co-exhibitors private enterprises, since the Expo fates got tied Suning has launched a project in which aspects of cooperation? Zhang Jindong

: We decided to participate in private enterprises to jointly Museum, the first museum exhibition concept and private enterprises to conduct in-depth communication between the organizing committee, the two sides reached a tacit agreement. Museum to show that private enterprises in China private enterprise, private economy infinite vitality, demonstrated the strength of the joint, to diversify China’s private enterprises, international, comprehensive health situation flourish to show the world.

Later, and Fosun Group, Alibaba and other exhibitors to discuss the museum’s display means private enterprises to promote planning and so on, how the essence of private enterprises hall, meaning a better expression to the whole world has become our common explore the topic.

As an important component of China’s economy, private investment accounted for 70% of the entire social investment over private enterprises, small and medium enterprises to solve the social employment of 75%, shoulder to promote domestic employment and urbanization and other responsibilities, has other economies, the irreplaceable role. Suning Appliance, Fosun Group, Alibaba and other areas of the leading private enterprise in joint preparation, participation in the Expo, a large extent, reflects China’s private enterprises have become an important force in the Chinese economy.

We want to show the world through the Museum of Chinese private enterprises to private enterprises in different economic sectors, showing the power of the Chinese private enterprises combined, while China’s private enterprises are moving towards a diversified, international development, the Expo will make healthy thriving private enterprises in China situation fully to the world.