Zhejiang New Deal: Exit The Water Quality Is Related To The Leadership Of A Hat Tickets

HC Environmental Network: Zhejiang Yongkang “top leaders” Jian-Hua Xu, the city water and other exit Water Environment Index has been highly concerned about him. The recent implementation of the “Zhejiang Province administrative regions cross-section of the river water quality protection and management transfer of assessment methods (Trial)”, so he feels the burden is even heavier.

Under this approach, if the outflow from Yongkang substandard water quality into the neighboring counties, or even worse, not only affected the entire team’s performance evaluation, Yongkang City, the approval of new construction projects will also be stopped, will be button up to punish provinces level of ecological Environmental protection Financial transfer payments.

It is reported that way starting this year a one-year test. “This is Environmental Protection System a major innovation. “In many places,” top leaders “that it once again allow people to alert the local government as a protected area Environment The first responsibility of the main body can not relax environmental standards and regulation.

Three indicators by results According to Zhejiang practical, way to clear the three assessment indicators: potassium permanganate index, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus.

To the principles of fairness and incentive to assess the results not only to consider the water quality, water quality should consider the changes. For example, to achieve the objectives and requirements of a regional water quality has improved over the previous year and will be rated as excellent, while the other regions although the water does not meet the objectives and requirements, but if done properly, the exit water quality and water quality is better than the previous year entry improved, the same may be rated good or excellent; as a regional water quality does not meet the objectives and requirements, and exit the water quality of the water quality worse than immigration, assessment of the best results can only be qualified, if coupled with water quality worse than the previous year, and magnitude greater than the immigration section of the water quality deterioration, assessment results will be ineligible.

According to Deputy Director of Department of Environmental Protection, Zhejiang Province, Zhang Chen introduced to increase the performance assessment, approaches to assessment results is set on “Three.”

First, with the province, ecological construction, environmental protection target responsibility system linking assessment.

Two construction projects with the regional environmental impact assessment, water resources Source Argument linking approval. Where the exit section of a pollutant index failed regions, emissions of this pollutant EIA documents, water proof documents must be adjacent to the higher authorities for approval of all parties, and stop processing to increase the total discharge of pollutants throughout the region construction projects, to stop approving new large water projects, and stop setting up new sewage into the river mouth.

Third is linked with economic incentives and penalties. On the one hand, assessment results will serve as a source of major river systems where the districts and county (city) estimates an important basis for transfer payments. On the other hand, approaches the scope of the transfer payments are not included in the area, will be based on assessment of water quality improvement or decline in different degrees, were given the appropriate reward or punishment, since the amount ranging from 500,000 to 5,000,000 yuan.

Reporter learned from the provincial Department of Environmental Protection, the first half of this year, the province’s surface water quality compliance rate of functional area 68.4%, while the City and County transfer section compliance rate was only 48.3%, largely due to some parts of the sewage outfall More set in the downstream area. Clearly, the implementation of measures for the different administrative regions cross-border pollution will play an effective deterrent.

Human Water Catapult – 55 Foot Launch! In 4k

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