Zhen Ao Nucleic False False Participation In Health Care Products Suspected Of Profiteering

Health food brand, “Zhen Ao” nucleic acid, manufacturers change formulations without authorization, allegedly false false participation, publicity and other means to exaggerate profits, has recently been concerned to court. This has been exposed by the media, the industry created quite a stir. Journalists think that the question thus: counterfeiters and greed driven by economic interests of consumers, there will be punishable by law and moral condemnation. Imagine if this happened in the government procurement market, why should we respond?

It is understood that the Haihai You start selling the company since 2004, “Jane Austrian” nucleic acid products, starting in 2005, the company began to receive complaints from some consumers, after taking the product to reflect increased uric acid and other adverse reactions caused Hoi You alert the company. Since then, they sent the products of China Center for Disease Control Nutrition and food safety testing of such authority. Test results showed that “Jane Austrian” nucleic acid formula with the actual production of the product obtained when the formula approved by the Ministry of Health, the main raw material discrepancies. The defendant admitted in the proceedings in this case added products Ginsenosides powder and Ginkgo biloba extract and other formulations not approved by Ministry of Health, the list of ingredients, its interpretation on the grounds that when the original report to the Ministry of Health, for technical confidentiality considerations not all the ingredients to write the whole.

Our “health food management practices,” Article 17 provides that: “health food producers to organize production in accordance with the approved content, not to change the product formulation, production process, product quality standards and product names, labels, brochures, etc.” . The legal profession said that if the relevant state departments of production companies without the consent, modification of product formulation, it will be suspected of violation of “The People’s Republic of China Food Hygiene Law,” “Health Food Management Regulations” and other relevant laws and regulations, should be heavy fines and suspension of license card. Since 1996, China has already approved a thousand kinds of health food, a certain extent, to improve people’s health and make a contribution. But companies using false false participation means to the health food industry, a serious negative impact, but also to the consumers left the worrisome security risks, which must lead to alert the community.

Press this, we think how to regulate the government procurement market. “The Government Procurement Law” was promulgated five years, the healthy development of China’s government procurement market in 2008, further expanding the scale of the national government procurement. Among them, the textbook, agricultural seeds, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, farm machinery purchase subsidy and other livelihood projects involving the procurement share, will play an important proportion. The healthy development of government procurement market needs procuring agencies and suppliers can be built according to credit mechanism, and to create an open, fair and transparent market. Any party of cheating behavior, the entire procurement chain will have irreversible negative effects, while the loss of social credibility of the counterfeiters will ultimately face punishment eliminated. This is all for the procurement chain are no doubt a kind of damage. The author of this cries, government procurement, the parties should take this as warning, honest and trustworthy, build a strong moral line of defense, with excellent products and services to gain the trust of people, so purchase a career filled with sunshine.