Zhou Jianping: Our Way, To Do Better Than Do Post-pan (figure) – Zhou Jianping, The United States,

– Visit Shanghai Guanghua Zhou Jianping, general manager of the new century e-commerce

Heart Guanghua family electrical appliances to the new century, from Hearts to Hearts and then to Fudan Guanghua, Shanghai Guanghua the new century after a number of restructuring, moved very hard.

From 98 years of marriage to a beautiful hand in October 2004 TCL small appliances, to take two days of walking legs, Zhou Jianping, general manager of the original intention is to continue to become bigger and stronger beauty, but also drive up the synchronization TCL small appliances.

To give up a professional home appliance chain stores, supermarkets specializing in Agriculture, and other systems, some loss in the same time, Zhou Jianping that, out of chain, although it will affect sales, but to do better than do post-pan, the energy of the permission do “special” more in tune with their development needs.

80 started to the present 80 million, Shanghai Guanghua the new century as a professional small home appliances agents despite their small house to live in otherwise good feeling, but now face the plight of the living environment of agents He also wants to be more concerned about the manufacturers, but also want agents to have the product OEM (product packaging change) rights. National Day holiday is over, the author and his party from the start, Changzhou, Nanjing along the line, at the appointed time, went straight to China’s economic center Shanghai. Ping Wu Road Brenda at commercial building, we saw the object of this interview?? Shanghai Guanghua Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. General Manager of the new century, Mr. Zhou Jianping. During this visit about 2 hours, we the new century that from now or even in the past about the future, and good general also spoke about the week of the current agent facing survival problems and solutions and so on.

Shanghai Guanghua Zhou Jianping, general manager of the new century e-commerce

800 000 started a difficult business

About business history, most people will be very frustrating. 10 million road of success, it depends on how you choose. As general manager of the new century, Guanghua, Zhou Jianping chosen path is very tortuous.

According to Zhou Jianping, as early as 1994, he started funds to 800,000 families created mind Electric Company, and the United States was on the lasting bonds the main agent of the United States and the rice cooker and water dispenser. 2000 Fudan Guanghua shares involved in Hearts, and was formally established in March 2003 E-Commerce Co., Ltd. Shanghai Guanghua the new century. During this period, as the company’s sales outstanding, the United States in 2000 won the Silver microwave oven, water dispenser in bronze. 2002, Shi You got a new rice cooker Lead Award. Honors expand the Guanghua business confidence in the new century, Zhou Jianping honor also further strengthened its geographical beauty. Now, the United States almost all small appliances found in the new century figure Guanghua, rice cookers, microwave ovens, water dispensers, heaters, fans, Deng Jun and its hand. With the development and growth of enterprises in 2004, Hearts Electric shares recovered Fudan Guanghua, an official as the company’s general manager Zhou Jianping.

Present, the company has been in Shanghai Xiao famous small household appliances, sales are skyrocketing. Zhou Jianping Commenting on the company’s sales results, not without pride. He said the company’s 2004 sales reached 48 million, this year will reach 80 million in sales, achieving 100% growth from the company’s current performance, goals is entirely possible. Reputation abroad, Shanghai Guanghua the new century and won the other brands of pro-gaze. October 2004, TCL has also found Guanghua Guanghua firms and to start a small household electrical appliances in the Shanghai area TCL agents. Draw on many years of successful experience in operating the United States, operating in less than a year has made 20 million TCL on sales performance, small household electrical appliances in the TCL national sales ranking third. BOLA TANGKAS