Zhou Xiaoguang: Should Eliminate All Forms Of “milk Powder” – Melamine, Dairy – Food

“Entrepreneur of the body should flow with the blood of morality, conscience long bones, beating the responsibility of the pulse.” March 7, recently took over from He Guoqiang, “China Women’s Federation model,” the honorary title of the NPC, Zhou Xiaoguang, chairman of Shin Kong Group, told “Zhejiang” interview, said that in Women’s 100 anniversary of the Chinese private entrepreneurs, and only received the honorary title of Zhejiang Province, women entrepreneurs, their pride, while in the extreme mind is to remember three words: morality, conscience, responsibility. “For industry, I think, ‘ Sanlu milk powder ‘Event on the adverse effects of Chinese companies, more than Financial More far-reaching crisis. “

Zhou Xiaoguang said the reform and opening up 30 years, the types and quantities of goods more abundant, greatly promoted the improvement of the general people’s material and cultural level. But can not be ignored, when people enjoy the convenience of life of goods while the economy has gradually suffered more serious damage from the fake and shoddy goods. Currently, a variety of manufacturing and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods wide range of criminal activities, the means of the poor, and their serious consequences have reached intolerable, dumbfounded level.

“Selling counterfeit and shoddy goods highlighted in three areas,” said Zhou Xiaoguang analysis, first production, Sell Variety of counterfeit goods were gradually increasing trend. Market circulation of counterfeit and shoddy goods, from the initial smoke Wine , Sugar, tea, Food , Pharmaceuticals, household appliances and other daily necessities, and gradually spread to all areas of consumption. From daily necessities to the important industrial and agricultural means of production; from simple commodities to high-end consumer durables; from traditional to modern high-tech goods, fake goods everywhere, all-pervasive; Secondly, the scale of manufacturing and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods more to the greater. Dominated by a hand-made production of the main transition to mechanization; from scattered, individual committing the crime step by step to professional grouping, the direction of regionalization, and even formed a selling counterfeit and shoddy goods “production, supply, and marketing” one-stop the operation of the pattern; finally selling counterfeit and shoddy goods and more advanced means of concealment is increasing. Try some of those who make purchase of counterfeiting equipment, the use of advanced technology, the simulation of fake and shoddy goods is becoming more and some enough real ones; and selling some of those who make dens, often set in rural areas is relatively weak regulatory in remote areas or fringe; some way by fighting counterfeiting and to take control hiding to escape; online and selling step further and has become one of the main ways and selling.

Zhou Xiaoguang that the illegal manufacturing and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods the growth and spread of seriously disturbed the normal market order in China has greatly damaged the country and the legitimate business interests, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, especially the fake counterfeit medicines and food to consumer health and safety risks, and caused great harm. “‘Sanlu milk powder incident’, consumers on ‘milk’ discoloration. This collective style panic, causing a certain extent, dairy enterprises in a period of market distress. Although at the time of the inspection report of the relevant state departments that the milk powder and liquid milk in question is a minority, the majority of dairy quality standards, but consumers are habitually excluded any of the milk, that milk will cause any harm. This blind imitation of the reject, originally qualified for milk, dairy products also beat him to death, and not only the image and reputation of legitimate businesses suffer, but also affects an industry or related industries to survive. “Zhou Xiaoguang said.

Behavior caused by manufacturing and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods Dabu Zhao, playing hurt, to survive, there are many reasons for the phenomenon, but it is important that justice is not much intensity, the intensity of supervision and punishment is not enough, why take the risk of criminals is proceeds of crime because they are much larger than the expected cost. Therefore, to conduct a thorough root and selling fake goods, counterfeiting and selling acts to remove the soil, forming a real deterrent, to improve laws and more severe.

“Now, our country, the” Criminal Law “,” Consumer Protection Law “,” Product Quality Law, “” Drug Administration Law, “” Trademark Law “” Food Safety Law “and other relevant departments under the law and fake consumer basis, but in practical terms, these laws are still many inadequacies. “To this end, Zhou Xiaoguang suggested that the state introduced a specific acts of counterfeit and shoddy goods” anti-counterfeit and shoddy goods law “to maintain our normal market order, protect national and legitimate business interests, safeguard the legitimate consumer interests. BOLA TANGKAS