Zimbabwe – Democracy At Its Worse

I don’t know what is going to happen over this election in Zimbabwe, the world knows Robert Mugabe lost the election; he now wants to have a recount in over 20-areas, this is democracy at its worse, matter-of-fact a mockery of democracy. Leaders and countries of leaders use the word loosely to get world support nowadays, when in essence it is a dictatorship, and the only thing Mugabe is doing, is going through the motions. The past results have yet to be released. I know all this is old news, but it just needs to be retold before I give my opinion, and of course that is exactly what it is, my way of thinking, and perhaps, a few others.

China is no friend to human rights either in Zimbabwe, and they better hope Mugabe wins because if he doesn’t, the new leader will remember the shipment of arms they are sending to kill more Zimbabwe’s (and China wants to look pretty to the world, what a way to do it).

Now for my opinion; the United Nations, and the EU and USA, they all like the word Democracy, and for ten-years, Zimbabwe has been parading that word around the world, around like they own it, proud of it. This is supposed to be the United State’s goal, or so it seems, for countries, to try on Democracy, a government by the people for the people; whom you elect, is what you get, and if you get what you don’t want, because it turns out bad, well, you made a bad choice, you got to live with it. Now I’m no Einstein, but I can figure out this one I think. If I did all I could to play the game right, and democracy turned out not to work, and you end up with the same guy you tried to get rid of, who uses the word Democracy, but does not go along with it-and uses deadly force to keep his grips onto his throne, and the world says “He’s a bad boy, now wait for five years, or ten more years and try a new democratic election,” what would you say?

I know what I’d say…stick it buddy where the sun don’t shine.

Why, because it doesn’t work, and no one came to our rescue, only gave us lip service. Thus, you now have created a rebel group, to fight the government, and now the illegal government, and other nations are going to call it a terrorist group in time, which it is no. It is kind of like trying to convert someone to Christianity, and when he sees how bad the Christians act, like the priests have recently in the Holy Church in Jerusalem-fist fighting over a prayer spot, you say to yourself: I think I’ll stay with my old religion, or try to find something else, but you do not join the sect that is fighting-you just lost respect for it, right or wrong, the actions of the priests speak loud and clear of their hearts.

So to the politicians of Democracy, if you do not get rid of the weeds in Zimbabwe, you may never have another chance for it to bud into a democracy again.