Zipit Zipper Bags Go With Current Trends

The initial model of the ZipIt Bags was designed in 2003 in Israel. The ideology that gave rise to the such handbags were simple: must be created of the highest quality, be practical enough to be utilized all through the day appeal to the extensive variety of fashion conscious clients, and reasonably priced so it can be benefited from by everyone despite of the income or status.

ZipIts bags were primarily launched in the period of the 2005 Spree Expo in Boston which is acclaimed as the Product of the Year by industry experts. The zipper handbags have gone on to win analogous accolade like most unique fashionable product of the year with the best quality shown throughout Europe and the Middle East. Nowadays, these bags are presented in numerous styles and have turned into a household name to children and adults seeking for a trendy Zipit Purse which can be utilized for work, school, and play. The objective of zipper handbags is to generate at least one fresh bag design every quarter. These purses introduced in the market as a single strip of quality zipper-made absolutely for the brand name and lined with pure knit polyester. As these bags are shipped worldwide, this compact design together with our recycled packaging permits ZipIt to stay environmentally aware and eliminates the carbon footprint considerably.

Presently all you have to do is take the Zinc fastener and pull to make known a quality bag weighing less than one pound which can carry around 75 pounds! These are washable and can be entirely unzipped for spot clean-up. Capable, though uncomplicated design of the Just Zip It Bags permit them to be washed and dried out so you never have to hesitate by means of your bag for a new venture.

Wide range of such bags means owners no more have to be concerned about having to get a bag which matches their furnish or daily activities. Each bag can be easily transformed into small purses, cases, handbags or totes. All these bags are innovated and prepared by aspiring and young designers accustomed with top fashion trends. Experienced manufacturers are opted based on absolute adherence to international human rights and supply right wages and working conditions. Each of these bags are prepared through a 5 step-process and also examined properly by a Quality Assurance supervisor. Every product is transported unzipped to use the minimum amount of volume and packaged in 100% recycled goods.