Zombie me – A perfect Face prediction software

Would you want to know what you would look like in 20 or 30 years? This is only one of the uses of face prediction software, and with the growth of popularity, Zombie Me is providing lots of fun for people of all ages.

As its name suggests, this software can add eerie features to make you look like a zombie, which is perfect for creating Halloween photographs and masks. It can also generate images of vampires or characters from The Simpsons, referred to as Simpsonoids. Using zombie me software is great for anyone curious about these interesting kinds of pictures.

Zombie Me works with the latest technology used in forensic research and investigations to reconstruct faces. You can even use this software when considering plastic surgery since it can help predict the results of the procedure without the actual invasive process. All that is required is a photograph of the face, along with other pictures from different angles.

Understand that using this software will not be 100% accurate to predict what the face may look like after changes, but it does give a very good idea with a high rate of precision. This is not much of a setback because most people use it for fun. It is also very useful for all kinds of people from various races and races, both male and female.

Getting the software is very easy, starting with a free registration to use Zombie Me online. Next, choose the type of results you seek, whether zombie pictures, vampire or simpsonoid images. Each of these cost different, with custom zombie images starting from $ 10, vampire image from $ 20, and simpsonoids at $ 30. Finally, upload your photograph and wait for the results.

Use high resolution images of the complete face to get high quality zombified pictures, which are produced in different formats- one that is web friendly for emailing to friends, the other a printable Jpeg image. The software has received rave reviews so far, with even celebrities and movie producers using it for film projects. Check out a zombie me review to know more about the software.