Best Play Kitchens Suited For a Day Care Facility

Purchasing a play kitchen for a day care is a whole different ball game then purchasing one for the home. With multiple children playing, there needs to be ample space, plenty of gadgets, and above all else, it must be durable.

I’ll explain why I chose three fun and charming pretend play kitchens as my number one choice for a day care based on size, versatility, and construction.

In my review, it was not only important to look at the three criteria I mentioned above but I also looked for play kitchens that were gender friendly and ideally made in the United States of America.

Imaginary play is important for both boys and girls and play kitchens help foster creativity and the developing minds of children.

My number one pick for play kitchens best suited for a day care was the Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen made by KidKraft. This toy kitchen is perfect for boys and girls. It has a stark white finish while accented in a bold red, yellow and blue. This wooden kitchen has tons of storage both below and above the sink making it perfect to hold the many food accessories. The refrigerator and freezer stands tall at 42 inches allowing children to easily play while standing. Both the microwave and oven have see-through doors and all four burners are raised giving it a more authentic feel. At 42 inches in both height and width, the Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen by Kidkraft is perfect for multiple children to play at once. And lastly, this toy kitchen wins first pick because of it’s sturdy durable construction making it last for years and years to come.

My number two pick for a day care is the Red Vintage Kitchen made by KidKraft. This is an adorable kitchen that looks fantastic in any room. With a retro red color finish both boys and girls love this toy kitchen. It’s smaller than the Deluxe Let’s Cook kitchen but it still allows ample room for multiple children to play at once. Sitting at a lower height of 35 inches this is an ideal wooden kitchen for younger tikes. Again this pretend play kitchen has all the needed amenities such as raised burners, microwave, oven, full length refrigerator and lots of storage.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Kidkraft Island Play Kitchen. This is 360 degrees of pure fun. The Island Play Kitchen is perfect to fill a more compact spot away from a wall. Although smaller than the other two play kitchens I chose, it’s circular design makes it ideal for children to play on all sides. It is finished in bold primary colors making it very gender friendly and is donned with some adorable features such as a silk screened clock, a roller towel holder that fits real sized paper towels, a wooden phone, and my favorite, a chalkboard for messages.

All three play kitchens are made in the USA from durable wood products. Depending on the size of the room, there is a toy kitchen that is gender friendly and perfect for your ideal space. Kids play kitchens offers hours of unique imaginary play ideal for any day care.