Catching Trout – Catch More Trout by Fishing at the Best Times

Did you know that when it comes to catching trout, fishing at the most opportune times is probably the most important thing that you can do? Many trout anglers don’t pay attention to when they’re fishing, and stick to the old adage that the best time for fishing is “anytime you can”. While I wouldn’t necessarily argue with that sentiment, there are things that can be done to help you catch more trout, and those things have nothing to do with things like what bait or lure you might be using.

If you truly want to catch more trout you want to learn some simple rules concerning a couple of well know forces of Nature. Those forces are the weather and moon. Catching trout can become a sort of “art form” and every artist should learn the simple ways that the weather and moon impact the behavior of trout.

The interesting thing about learning the best times to be fishing is that it’s not necessary to become a scholar on the weather and moon to learn what you need to know. As a matter of fact, if the information is complied correctly, you can learn what you need to in an afternoon. On the other hand, if you’re interested, you can spend a ton of time studying the ways both the weather and moon impact fishing.

For the most part you can learn what needs to be learned fairly quickly, and the information will certainly assist you in catching more trout. Let’s begin with the weather. The weather, or more specifically the movement of frontal systems, has a tremendous impact on catching these fish. You see, when a frontal system passes through your fishing area the barometric pressure changes, which the trout can “feel” through their lateral lines. Depending on whether the barometric pressure is rising or falling, trout react differently.

How about the moon? Depending on what phase the moon is in, trout act differently. For example, during a new moon trout feed much more actively, and thus are easier to catch. On the other hand during the first quarter of the moons cycle for the month, trout are much less active, making catching trout much more difficult.

The best way to learn about the weather and moon and their impact on the behavior of trout is to invest an hour or two in study. As I said earlier, the basics are all that’s needed for you to make sure that you’re always fishing at the best times. A couple of hours will do wonders as far as catching trout is concerned. The goal is to be on the water fishing for trout when both the weather & moon conditions are in your favor. When this happens you’ll have one of those days of fishing that every angler longs for.