Cure PCOS For Good and Get Pregnant!

If you are trying to get pregnant but having a difficult time because of your PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), you are certainly not alone. Unfortunately this is the most common form of female infertility issues, and is causes fertility problems in 1 out 10 women of childbearing age. Unlike other issues affecting the reproductive organs though, PCOS is something that can be cured.

What is PCOS? And How Does it Affect a Woman’s Body?

What is it? It is a disorder that typically causes high levels of androgens, which are hormones found in males, but that females can make as well. Because a woman with the disorder produces too many male hormones, it directly causes problems while trying to conceive. Another way it wreaks havoc on the female body is by causing the ovaries to become filled with cysts.

The disorder causes all kinds of issues to a woman’s body and reproductive organs, including:

**Varying lengths in menstrual cycle

**Can cause sporadic ovulation or keep a woman from ovulating

**Hormone imbalances

**Heart and blood vessel problems

**It can even affect a woman’s appearance

How Is It Treated?

If you go to your gynecologist and are diagnosed with PCOS, they will in most cases prescribe one, some or all of the following medications to regulate your hormones, help you to ovulate and help to get rid of the cysts:

**Birth control pills to regulate your cycles and reduce the production of androgens. This is fine if you are not trying to get pregnant, but for some women trying to conceive this is a step in the wrong direction. Although even for women trying to conceive, doctors sometimes prescribe BC to help regulate their cycles for a few months, then have them stop taking the medication and begin trying again.

**Metformin (very common), which is a diabetes medication. Because the women’s bodies that suffer from the disorder have a difficult time handling insulin, Metformin is prescribed to lower male hormone levels, regulate insulin levels and help with hair loss.

**Clomid (the most common fertility drug), is used to help you to ovulate. Of those women who take Clomid to ovulate, 80% do within the first few cycles, and 40-45% go on to get pregnant in their first 6 cycles taking it.