Facts and Prevention Regarding Fatal Swine Flu

At present everyone is aware how the epidemic Swine Flu is broadening around the globe. Fortunately the few cases occurred in US were without the need medicines successfully cured, whereas multitude of cases occurred in Mexico have been fatal. The most shocking revelation which is observed about the epidemic swine flu keeps snatching away the lives of people ranging from 20-50; hale and hearty fraction of the population. Even the World Health Organization lately gave out a red signal internationally which formerly took action in 1968 for the Hong Kong pandemic. Do you really need to be anxious about this current swine flu? What is it that one has to do to guard one and other family members?

Swine Flu in the opposition of seasonal Flu

The name “swine flu” generally suggests that only pigs are affected by it. Conversely, it has changed its initial position taking hold from pigs to humans. The fact that this illness, addressed as H1N1 get transferred from person-to-person make it distinctive and deadly.

On the other hand, Seasonal flu occurs yearly between the months December and March frequently at some point in the cold and flu season. Last flu season, 2008 to 2009 was a kinder one but it is approximated each year half million people die. The nature of swine flu being carried from person to person easily differentiates it from the seasonal flu. This greatly worries the health concerned department as such easy spreading illness doesn’t have a vaccine.

What to Take Care of

Swine Flu includes symptoms alike the normal human flu, there would be fever, cough, tiredness and bodily aching. Other illnesses such as Nausea along with Diarrhea are also witnessed. If any of you have visited San Diego County or Imperial County, California or San Antonio, Texas shortly and there are the above mentioned symptoms present then there may not be good news relating to your health. Thus it is advisable that as soon as the symptoms are witnessed one should consult a doctor immediately.

Be Precautious

In order to prevent swine flu it is suggested by the doctors to exercise healthy diet. To start being precautions one has to adopt the habit of washing hands, eating healthy food, drinking sufficient amount of water and maintain a timely sleeping.  Most importantly to save yourself you need to stray from the victim.

What to do if already infectious

Not to worry there are solutions to every disease and also to this swine flu. Handful of things can be done to cure the sick. It is a known fact that this flu can be restricted with the usage of Relenza/ Tamiflu and adding together good doses of Vitamin C plus Hydrogen peroxide can bring a relief.