Get Your Ex Back Without Begging and Pleading

When we lose our love or get dumped by our ex, it is very natural to miss them terribly. And because we miss them so badly, we can do some dumb things. One common thing many lovers do wrong is to beg and plead for a second chance.

Everyone likes a little begging, they like to feel really wanted and needed. But just a little. Why begging doesn’t work is because it doesn’t change the bad feelings they have about you. Your ex split up with you because their positive feelings for you have been replaced by negative ones.

Pleading and begging don’t impact their negative feelings about you. They will often just make your ex feel that you are pathetic and pitiable, not qualities they want in a lover anyway. Don’t do these things. Instead, keep your misery more to yourself. It’s okay to feel miserable and pathetic, just don’t dump it all over your ex trying for the sympathy vote.

To get your ex back fast without begging, you need to follow a specific reconnect plan. This reconnect plan must have a component that can help your ex to release the negative feelings they have about you that is causing you to be broken up.

There are several Immediate Reconnect Plans to follow depending on why you broke up. Each one has several steps you can take to actually help them to release the bad feelings they have about you so they can get back to love.

A good first step is admit to whatever you did wrong (if you didn’t do anything wrong, you need a different plan). Don’t make poor excuses or try to justify your bad behavior by saying things like “you were cold to me.” This will just make your ex feel like you are arguing and not taking responsibility.

The next step is to let them vent. Ask them how what you did made them feel. Then do your best to be quiet and listen. Let them take all the time they need to tell you how what you did made them feel. While they are venting they are releasing all the negative emotions that have built up inside them. If you can just listen, you are helping them to get over their upset and anger or hurt.

There is a ton more to each one of these steps, and there are more steps. But if you can take these first two, it will make a much bigger impact on getting back together than begging will.