Gigabit Ethernet, The Speed and the Benefits

Gigabit Ethernet, it’s an awesome change in the speed at which you can go about the internet. But as of right now it is not easily used by consumers. Though businesses are able to use this type of internet connection easily. Technology in the consumer computers need to advance a bit more.

Long ago when computers first went on the World Wide Web the loading of computer pages was so slow. So when Ethernet came around at 10 megabits it was a great jump ahead. But then it got even better with download rates of 100 megabits. Next in line for technology was the increase to a gigabit per minute. Simply one of the greatest accomplishments in technology.

Back in 1999 when this was first created it was allowed by big businesses to use the copper infrastructure they had in place to connect to this gigabit Ethernet. Something that was accomplished by many high capacity networks to use too. A college campus is a place where this gigabit Ethernet would flourish. As of April 2009 the gigabit Ethernet options were being installed in a consumer computer. However many of the drives and other components in a consumer computer are unable to keep up with the speed.

Thus the technology is not able to be used by the ever day person, but the technology keeps advancing. Soon it’s sure that other components in the personal computer will be created to handle the higher speed of a Gigabit Ethernet.

The range of these gigabit Ethernets will be different depending on the method used for connection. While a copper connection may only reach 25 meters. The more advanced LX method can reach up to 550 meters.

For copper the distance is 25 meters that can be reached. While the Standard multi-fiber can reach 550 meters. This is the same distance for the LX multi mode fiber. However as you go up in wavelength the single mode can reach all the way up to 10 km.

Some people are able to get a connection speed up to 1000 megabits at present. That speed is amazing in itself. Young children who are going to be use to the fast speeds will have a hard time in the future believing that looking on the internet was every slow. But it’s only going to get faster as the years pass by. It will be great when the components in a computer will allow us to use the Gigabit Ethernet.