Home Based Internet Marketing Businesses Steps to Going Live – Step 6 Create Your First List

I admit that I am all about the list building…it is what I am know for. “The money is in the list” is a phrase you may have heard me say over and over again. So it might surprise you to find that creating your first list is coming in at step #6! Truth is all the steps before this were gearing you up for this point. This is where the fun begins and you will actually start to see how to make money online, because it is going to start to get real!

Login to the autoresponder service you subscribed to…if you haven’t already done that, or if you are thinking you are going to respond to all your customers manually, you are going to have a really hard time continuing, okay?

I’m going to run through the steps based on Ninja Responder and AWeber, the two services I think are the easiest to use. If you went with another option, maybe you already had an account with another service, then use this information as a guideline, but obviously the steps and wording will be a little different.

Look for the Create and Manage Lists and click on Create a New List.

List Description

When it comes to a list description it is okay to abbreviate this….but your subscribers WILL see this so if possible make it descriptive but keep it short. So if your list is for your dog training tips ezine you might call it Dog Training Tips.

List Name

The List Name is not unique to you, but must be different from any list created by any user of the system. The name is for your use-to help you keep straight your various lists–not for your customers to see, so you can abbreviate and add numbers if you need to make it unique and understandable for you.

Company Branding

You can fill them in or leave blank at this point. It is mostly for when people unsubscribe so they will see who they are leaving. This is good because when they see the company name it might make them remember why they subscribed to your list in the first place and maybe they won’t unsubscribe.

Reply Address

This has to be a real email address. If you have an email address linked to your domain name that is perfect. If you don’t have that yet then use a personal email address. A lot of people like to use a Gmail account for example. Then put in the name that you want the email to be coming from…I suggest you use your name rather than “support” or “admin”. Make sure that it is a “from/reply” address.


You should have been saving your work at each step and if you did everything right you will now see your list in the drop down box towards the top of the screen.

Sweet! That’s all there is to the set-up of your first list for your home based internet marketing businesses! In the next step you are going to actually create your first opt-in form so your new list will start having subscribers!