Home Safety and Aging – Independence

As the fastest growing segment of our population, the elderly are concerned with home safety and aging independence. No one wants to feel like a burden to their children or grandchildren; and no one wants to live in an overcrowded retirement home where the care is minimal because of the staff to patient ratio.

So, it has become extremely important for our senior citizens to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Home safety and aging independence has become a priority. To alleviate the concerns of loved ones, many programs and services are now available, so moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas can stay in their own homes.

Services for those Aging in Place

Meals on Wheels: Since getting proper nutrition is so important for staying as healthy as possible, many communities have this service for the aging and disabled members of the community. At lunchtime, someone will deliver a well-balance meal(s) to the front door of senior citizens who apply for the service.

Coupled with other highly nutritious drinks and fruit, chances are, worried health care professionals and family members will be more agreeable to the idea that home is the best place for the aging to stay and maintain their independence.

Home Health Care: Alleviate the fears of loved ones with home health care. The cost is far less than the daily fees for living in a retirement home. Chances are good that Medicare will pick up most, if not all of the tab.

A nurse will visit your home on a predetermined schedule to help you with any of the tasks related to your health that have become too difficult. For example, if bathing has become a precarious adventure at best, someone can be there to make sure you are safe. Also, if you need blood pressure or other vitals monitored, a health care provider can come into the home.

Home Safety Aids or Equipment: Okay, this is often a point of contention for many people who want to age in place-making the home more handicapped accessible with home safety aids or equipment. But, refusal to do so can land you right in that dreaded retirement home, because “pride goes before the fall”-literally!

For example, why risk a fall in the tub/shower, if you can use a shower chair and a handheld showerhead. Why not put handrails by the bathtub and commode, so you have something to hang on to, in order to steady your balance.

For the bedroom, have you considered bedside rails for support getting up and down? Maybe a bedside commode would be helpful in preventing nasty falls in the middle of the night.

Even something as simple as a reacher can make home a little safer for those who prefer aging in place. Instead of bending over to pick up an object or trying to reach something on the top shelf and risking loss of balance, a reacher can extend your reach up to 3 feet-safely.

In short, Home safety and aging independence is really important for both physical and emotional health. So, check into the programs now available for senior citizens. Invest in the home safety aids or equipment that can help you have a safer and better quality of life, and alleviate the fears of loved ones and health care providers. In truth, there is no place like home.