How to Ensure That You Will Never Get Rejected Again When You Ask Her to Go Home With You

If you’ve ever used covert and conversational hypnosis successfully, you know how incredibly powerful it can be in a variety of situations. I remember how completely stunned I was the first time I tried it. It was as if she suddenly turned into a robot, and was holding the remote control.

Of course after I discovered how powerful it was, I was afraid to use it. It’s like that feeling that you get when the cashier at the supermarket gives you too much change. All of your moral and ethical alarms are going off, but at the same time you can’t help but think, “hmm, maybe I should keep this…”

However, when you make sure that whoever you are using these powerful skills with is benefiting, and that you are consistently making sure that they are happy and more than willing to keep doing what you are doing then you can feel really comfortable know how much power you really have.

The secret is calibration. Calibration means to always monitor their reaction, and their emotional state during the interaction. Facial expression, voice tone, how they respond to certain questions. And always check to make sure you are reading them properly.

A great way to do this is with what is called a quote’s pattern. In sales this is called a test close, because it’s not actually a real close, but you get to see their response as if you asked for a real close. In sales, it goes like this.

You have the client sitting there, and you’ve discussed the features and benefits of whatever product you are selling. Then you start talking about other clients. And talk about how they decide when to buy the product. When you start describing how other clients have made the decision to buy the product, pay close attention to the current clients facial expression. If they look like they just ate a whole lemon, then you’ve got some more work to do. If, on the other hand, they look like they are happy, smiling, feeling good, then they’re ready to buy.

Of course, when you are seducing a girl, you can’t do this exactly the same way. If you start talking about all the other girls you’ve slept with, and the exact moment they decided to leave the bar with you, it probably wouldn’t be a very good strategy.

A way around this is to talk about another couple. A friend of yours. Technically this is called “blurring reality,” and it works pretty well for seeing where she’s at.

Start by talking about your friend, who happens to be in a great relationship. Then start talking about how they met, in a bar, which coincidentally happens to be just like the bar you two are in. Then describe how your friend asked his “date” to leave with him. Express surprise because your friend is really shy, and you can’t believe that he was so bold to ask a girl that in a bar. He must have really liked her. Then when you are describing how he asked her, look at her, and say what he said to her (his date), only in your mind, pretend you are asking her (the girl you are talking to). For example:

“So my friend met this girl in a club, just like this one. And they really clicked. And I was surprised the way he asked her out, right there in the club. I guess he really thought she was really beautiful. But he just looked at her, got really serious, and said to her “I really like you, and I think we should go someplace more quiet so we can really get to know each other,” I can’t believe he said that. But they left together and had a really great time.”

Then just be quiet, and then look at her, and watch how she reacts. If she smiles, and takes a deep breath, like she’s got butterflies, then you are good to go. If she crosses her legs, and turns away from you, keep at it. If she tells you she just threw up in her mouth, find somebody else.

These tools are very powerful and should be used with the utmost care and ethics to make sure you don’t cross any lines. Just because you can use these to create incredible feelings of sexual desire and emotional safety in many women, doesn’t mean you should do so. If misused, these skills can cause great harm.