How to Feel Good All the Time – The Best Advice I Ever Got

One of the problem with the human mind is that it finds it very hard to grasp extremes. A very simple truth is just as hard to be accepted as a bold faced lie. So, if we want to accept a simple truth, what we have to do is complicate it enough so that we can accept and believe it then we can leisurely reduce it to it simple form and live with this newfound fact.

The object of this article is to discuss one of those very simple truth. A truth that is so self-evident that it is very hard to grasp, yet so important that it cannot be ignored. I was exposed to that truism at a Werner Erhard seminar a long time ago. Werner was aware that it would be difficult for us to truly accept that fundamental truth so he gave a whole seminars on the subject. Following those seminars, the attendees were supposed to be enlightened. And, in many cases, they were.

What then is that so important fundamental truth that was supposed to transform our whole life and leave us enlightened? It can be found in the coloquism that says, “What is, is. And what ain’t, aint.”

It is hard to believe that such a trite reflection can have such a powerful impact on someone’s life and it is even harder to believe that a person who “holds” this truth could in some way be enlightened. It is none the less true. Hundreds of thousands of people who have attended Erhard’s EST seminars can attest to that.

When we really “get” the reality of what “What is, is. And what ain’t, ain’t.” we understand that we have no choice but to accept the Universe as it is. We understand that wishing that circumstances were different is pointless, useless and detrimental to our peace of mind. Things are the way that they are and complaining or recriminating will not change anything.

It is a concept that is readily acceptable intellectually. The problem is to be able to integrate it emotionally. It does require the complete reversal of a primal instinct. From the first minute that we are born we understood that if we wanted something or if we were displeased with anything, all that we had to do was to cry and make a fuss and someone would come and give us whatever we wanted.

In many cases, the modus operandi has not changed. If the Universe does not provide what is expected, self-pity becomes the only option and tears stand as the only solution. Not a very edifying, mature or effective reactions.

Once the concept of, “What is, is. And what ain’t ain’t” is assimilated intellectually and emotionally, needless extra baggage of useless emotions is no longer a burden that has to be carried. Needless expenditure of negative energies is no longer required and the person is now free to pursue life in a more enlightened way.

Once the Universe is fully accepted as it is, all the available energy can be concentrated on taking the cards that life has dealt us in the moment and make the most of it. Not only is that the best available option, it’s also the only logical one.

In order to progress and grow, bad patterns of thoughts have to be replaced with more empowering ones. Our emotions cannot be allowed to rule rational thinking. The fact that the Universe is what it is at any given moment must accepted and the fact that we can only deal with the cards that we were dealt must also be accepted.

That is the path to self-actualization, the road to fulfillment and the highway to personal happiness.