How To Get Your Husband Back – 5 Best Practices to Follow

Finding your way back to your husband’s life after a break up is not an easy task, and requires you to follow a patient and disciplined methodology. Studies suggest that women with a goal to get their husband back fail in more than 80% cases if they do not have a well-thought plan. The studies also go ahead to report that with proper discipline, the right actions and right items in your list of avoidance, more than 75% women successfully get back their husband even if the woman is the only one trying.

The reality is that you need to follow some well-defined practices if you are serious about getting him back. And you need to know what not to do. The 5 best practices that you must follow to ensure getting him back are as given below.

1. Never try contact him until you have recovered from the initial shock of separation. The separation leaves you in an emotionally moved state, so let the immediate emotions settle down before you start contacting him again. The recommended time to first contact him after the break up is 3 weeks, or anything after 3 weeks (in fact, if you have broken up say 9 months back and are emotionally fine now, you can start contacting him now and expect to get him back quickly enough).

2. Once you are beyond the first week of separation and have decided that you want him back in your life, start preparing for it. Start with loving yourself and showing self-respect. Brush your looks up. A pretty smile would welcome him much better than an ugly face, when you win him back.

3. Start socializing. Hang out a bit with friends. It makes a huge difference in your spirit and confidence.

4. Never fight with him over the phone when you first call him after the break up. Simply have a nice and short phone call. Ask him to meet for a short date. A lunch is a good example.

5. Have a nice and fun date – you have been gearing up for it for some time now. Enjoy your time and make him look forward to another date. Keep the date short, as it was supposed to be. Get the next date later, over the phone – do not ask for it then and there.