HP Pavilion Desktop Review – What Are Some of the Best Choices?

The HP Pavilion desktop line is the ideal PC for both home office and entertainment use. They consist of all the features anybody could ever want in a computer. They include wide screen LCD monitors, DVD-RW’s, great pre-installed software, fast processors, and more. This series of PC’s are easy to use, and provide users with access to both information and entertainment.

Take the HP Pavilion Desktop Elite e9100, for instance. This computer features an impressive 2.33 GHz, Chipset Intel G43 Express, 8 GB standard memory, SuperMulti DVD Burner with top-notch technology, up to 3,479 MB total availability with the graphics memory, etc. This is truly is one of the most elite desktop PCs in the world, and can be purchased for less than $ 1100 with the right coupon or discount!

This is actually one of the more advanced desktop computers, yet it’s still a great choice for casual users. It’s perhaps the #1 gaming computer in the world, as it runs heavy-graphics games smoothly. The Intel® G43 Express Chipset also enables great audio and video.

Less expensive models include the HP Pavilion p6100, which offers great all around performance in a classic design, and Slimline s5100 Desktop PC series, which is a great choice for inexperienced and new computer users. It may come in a small package, but it features a lot for a starter computer, and consumes less power in the process!

These are just some examples of all the fine HP Pavilion desktop computers available on the market. They are affordable, long-lasting, and high performance options that will serve the needs of every type of consumer, whether they are gamers, small business owners, casual or inexperienced first time computer owners. If you want a desktop PC to help you run a small business from your house, to have the ultimate gaming experience, or just for general use, you can’t go wrong with the HP Pavilion Desktop!