If the Government Holds a Small Business Work Shop; Don’t Go, Run!

Well, I don’t know how your local region is doing economically, but where I live there are a few problems and many small businesses are going out of business. The city and the county around here is very concerned and they’d really like to prevent these companies from going out of business, and get some of the people who are laid off employees to start their own small business by helping them out.

So, they run government seminars and workshops to help people understand how to get into their own business. The scariest words in the English Language according to Ronald Reagan’s humorous comments are; “We are your government and we are here to help you!” Believe me, the government is in no position to tell anyone how to run anything, as they operate so inefficiently and they don’t operate with the free enterprise profit motive.

They know nothing about running a business, all they know is all the laws and rules that they’ve made for businesses. So when you sit in one of their seminars they explain all the paperwork you must fill out and all the laws you must deal with and introduce you to lawyers and accountants that would supposedly help you when you start your small business.

Of course, the government thinks they’re very smart when they run these little seminars because they get the lawyers and accountants to come and give speeches for free to help all the small businesspeople. Gee, I wonder why those great professionals are giving their time freely to all these new potential clients.

Sometimes the insanity of government trying to advise free enterprise just blows me away. If any of these bureaucrats knew how to run a business, they’d be doing it and they made making a healthy living at it, but obviously they’ve never had to make a payroll. Thus, they do not understand how to make a profit and all they have ever done in their bureaucratic endeavors is made it tough on businesspeople, which is why do many are closing their doors.

Interesting that now they are here to help us and tell us how to run things? They can’t even run the government how on earth they supposed to give advice on running a real live for profit enterprise? Simply nuts I tell you.