It is All Natural and it Works

I recently decided to experiment with a relatively new and all natural organic product that its manufacturers chose to call Best-Yet. After having this cedar oil based formulation for over two months now, I have to admit that it really is quite amazing what this stuff can do and the fact that it does it so effectively too.

From what I can understand, it is being sold as a multi use product for natural pest control in the home and in the yard also. However, when it is used as a misting spray from even a suitable hand held trigger bottle, it kills Beg Bugs, Lice, Nits, Flees and a whole range of other biting insects almost instantly or within seven seconds. Now that is what I call impressive, especially when you take into account that the product contains only natural ingredients, with no toxins, no poisons and no hazards of any kind to us or our planet. On top of all this, I then discover it can also be used as a personal spray that not only makes the skin feel good but also instantly stops all biting insects from attacking you. It has the soft pleasant aroma of the forest and probably this is why is has become so popular with our many Canadian hunters, as it masks their natural human aroma and at the same time stops them from being eaten alive by all sorts of bugs. This unique fluid can also be used in the garden to keep patio areas free from bugs and it can be used on plants, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, shrubs and almost everything else you want to protect from insect attack. As it does not stain or discolour anything, it can safely be used on carpets, soft furnishings and clothing too as it also prevents mildew from forming. It can even be added to your laundry if you happen to live in a house where mildew has become a problem. I have experimented with numerous so called all natural products for various issues or problems and I can honestly say that this one is by far the most comprehensive and most effective I have ever experienced.

I originally purchased this product in America and since then I have search the web to find if it’s available here in Canada. To my delight, I found it is now readily available from a company called Cedar Shield and it can be seen and fully explained on their web site as I would hasten to add at this point that I am not advertising their product parse. I am simply trying to let you know that when such a unique and especially all natural product such as this has been invented, it is most certainly worth giving it some well deserved praise and that is what I am now doing. It is already changing the hospitality industry for the better and very much to our advantage. Now, we can go stay in hotels that use this product and know we are safe from the plague of bed bugs and those other bed residing creatures that seems to be sweeping our World right now. 

What’s really getting to me now comes from the mass of information I studied on that web site. Apparently, with a similar cedar oil based formulation, there is an equally effective product, which kills the infamous Pine Beetle among other things. Now, remember that these fluids are all natural and contain no toxins, no poisons and have totally no adverse affects on our environment, it is making me wonder why the Canadian Government have not already jumped right on top of this and start actively defending what can only be described as an attack of almost pandemic proportions on the trees in almost every Province. They have tried spraying some serious toxic chemicals on our trees and by now, they should be well aware that the results have been nothing but negative. They are the ones who keep telling us how we should all be protecting the environment and how we should always be environmentally aware. Well, in my opinion the time has come, in fact the time has possibly passed, when they should be letting us know that they are aware. Aware of the fact that there is a product out there that can finally eradicate the Pine Beetle pest.