Nature Has Given You 3 Simple Choices in Life, Its Up to You Which Choice You Are Going to Embrace

So you are probably curious of what the 3 choices that nature has given us and no matter how complicated your life is, it really only boils down to these 3 simple things.

1st Nature allows us to simply survive what that means is that your are alive but barley. I want you to take a moment to look at your life right now and I want you to take a hard long look at your life so you can make a fair assessment. Are you barley surviving physically, financially, or emotionally.

Do you find yourself constantly seeking out assistants from medical professionals because you are not physically well more then 30% of the time? It could be caused by your body weight. If you are even slightly overweight it can cause you to struggle doing even the basic routines of normal activities.

Do you find that yourself neglecting your health because you can not afford health care and your routine checkups. See your financial health has a huge impact on your physical health. Every one see the stars on TV and they wonder how they all look so good, well its simple with all that money they make some of it goes into a personal chef who cooks and prepares their food to keep the calories down on top that most of the TV stars pay personal trainers to keep them in shape almost regimented as if they where in the military. I can associate with that because I spent nearly 11 years in the Marines and while I was enlisted I vary rarely sick to the point I needed medical attention. I had my shorts almost every 6 months I had a physical almost every year and constantly exercising and that keep me in prime condition, now that I have been out of the military for nearly 7 years I find my self getting cold symptoms much more easily and I am tired more often and I am much more lazier then I have ever been and I am sure that with all the running around that I do because I have a full time job and I have a family and the constant cleaning of or home after my 8 year is quite exhausting. So the first thing that I have done was get on an regimented exercise program at my local gym and start eating right so I can get back in to shape to become more healthy.

And if you are physically ill and financially ill then most likely you are also emotionally ill, wondering where did I go wrong. Well first thing is that it not entirely your fault. Society places these expectations on you which causes you to purchase a home outside of your budget and drive a fancy car and buy the cloths that the rock stars adore just to fit in with everyone else. because of society we as individuals are constantly chasing that dollar just to make ends meet and sometimes we go without either physically, financially or emotionally because we simply can not afford to burden our self with any more responsibilities.

The 2nd Choice that Nature Gives is to Thrive and what means living above your means so if you have more then enough money to support your lifestyle and you can have the time to take a some me time then you are probably thriving. Typically this state of living is only reserved for the wealthy. So if you have everything that you have ever want then you are better then most but if you haven’t at then end of this post I can give you some ideas on how to get to where you want to be.

And 3rd and financial choice is just simply die. When there no other choice then many people just give up all hope. If you have never heard Tony Robinson then do me this favor stay up late night watch your local cable and look for one of Tony Robinson infomercials. He has as series on called the Edge on DVD that will cost you only $ 19.00 this will change your life. Many people think it took them years to get to where they are but in reality it was one moment one decision that started the catalyst that has propelled them to there current state of being.

The reason why have provided all of this content is that you right now have the opportunity to make the choice to survive, thrive or die and I am curious what it is going to be, If you would like some one on one coaching please give me a call. I have trained men to charge the Machine Gun nest and that takes a lot of courage and trust knowing the training that they have received from me will keep them alive to win the battle and now its your turn. I want to help you achieve your financial freedom but I can not do it for you.

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