Practical Article Marketing Tips – Pick a Niche and Go Deep With Lots of Great Quality Articles

Article Marketing is a great way to get known on the net in any niche. But first you have to pick a niche. For some folks that can be much harder than it sounds. I was once one of them.

Let me talk a little bit about niches here. I know there are still people out there struggling with their niche, struggling to pick a niche or struggling to narrow it done to one. I know that there are some people struggling with multiple niches. They think that if you have multiple niches to start then you’ll have multiple streams of income.

That was my big mistake when I first started online back in the late 90’s. I was thinking if I had a website and a niche for everything I did in my private therapy practice then I’d have multiple streams of income.

I wound up with multiples, that’s for sure. I wound up with multiple fatigue, multiple frustrations, and multiple exhaustion.

An inch wide and a mile deep

Like you’ve heard me say before, pick a niche, go in, and commit yourself to it. Drill a mile deep and an inch wide. You can burst in on the scene in a niche.

One of the ways to do that is by getting a large amount of articles out on the internet. One of the nice things about Ezine Articles is you can go in there and find out how many people are writing in your niche and how many articles they have.

You can set your goals that way to get into the list and maybe even get to the top of that list. Your first goal is to get started. Your next goal is to get in the top ten in your niche. Then your goal is to move up one article at a time until you are at the top of your niche.