Practical Article Marketing Tips – What Are You Going to Do Tomorrow to Build Your List Community?

Article Marketing is a great way to build a highly qualified and a hyper-responsive list of gold. The challenge for many online entrepreneurs is that they forget that list building, even with article marketing, is something that you build each day over time.

You don’t build a great list community in a day. You do build a great list community a little bit every day.

So here are a couple of questions designed to get you in the daily list building mindset. Ask them each day and you will be surprised at the results you see in building your list community.

Question 1:  What am I going to do tomorrow to build my list?

Why in the world would you want to ask that about the next day? Has it ever occurred to you to plan the next day in advance? Has that ever occurred to you? It’s the way to be most productive. I don’t do it every night. I neglect it sometimes. I’ve got to get better at it, but when you plan what you’re going to do the next day, I believe that when you’re asleep part of your brain is working on how to do that the best way.

Question 2:  In how many ways can I do that tomorrow more creatively and more powerfully?

Train your brain. My brain, your brain, all brains are wired to answer questions. If we’re continually asking ourselves, “Why isn’t my list so big? How come I can’t ever get a list build going,” your brain’s going to go look for answers for that.

Is there any good answer to that? No.

So ask better questions and you will get better results. All the ways to build a list have not been discovered or invented. The deeper you go in your niche and the more you ask these questions the more new ground you will  break in your business and in your list building.