Reducing the Ecological Impact of Bottled Water – Going Green With Bottled Water Delivery, Recycling

With all of the recent environmental concern about bottled water and recycling plastic bottles, you may be wondering how you can get the pure taste of bottled water that you love without impacting Mother Earth. Bottled water delivery is one approach to greener living that consumers are taking advantage of more and more. The majority of the larger bottled water containers that are used in bottled water delivery services can be sanitized and reused, and when they can no longer be used, they can be recycled by the water delivery provider. Another approach is to go green by recycling plastic bottles from single-serve containers as well as encouraging friends and co-workers to recycle.

Going Green with Bottled Water Delivery

Throughout the United States many consumers and businesses are electing to purchase bottled drinking water instead of tap or well water, whether from the grocery store in single-serve containers or from a bottled water delivery service. The trend is clearly on the rise. A recent study of the bottled water industry indicates that U.S. bottled water sales and consumption continue to multiply at double digit rates as consumers and businesses increasingly choose bottled water as a beverage of choice (1). With this notable increase in bottled water sales has come increasing concern about the impact of plastic bottles on the environment.

Contrary to what the general public often believes, the bottled water industry was among the first to begin recycling plastic bottles. The industry was founded by utilizing the reusable container system of the Home and Office (HOD) delivery segment. The bottled water that is provided by bottled water delivery services typically comes in 3 or 5-gallon bottles that can be used by the consumer, then picked up by the water bottle provider, sanitized, sterilized, repackaged, and sent back to the consumer. The exact number of time that these bottles can be reused varies, depending on where the bottles are stored and how much they are handled, but oftentimes they can be used for several years. These bottles can be delivered to your home or office and they can also be purchased at major retail locations.

Bottled water offers a healthy alternative to other beverages that container sugar and calories, and home and office bottled water delivery offers ease and convenience to consumers and businesses. The quality of product and service offerings in the marketplace differs significantly. Therefore, it is beneficial to the consumer to investigate any potential bottled water supplier with care. Bottled water delivery companies work hard to protect the environment, and urge those that enjoy their products to do the same.

Consumers’ Role in Going Green

The qualities spurring bottled water’s growth are clear. Many consumers recognize it to be healthy and safe. So, you may be wondering how you can continue to enjoy your favorite bottled water while lessening the impact on the environment. There are many actions we can take to reduce the amount of waste we generate or that we send to the landfill. Making recycling plastic bottles a habit and promoting recycling at home and in the office is a huge step towards going green. Challenge yourself, as well as your family and friends, to see how much waste you can reduce from your weekly curbside pickup.

Did you know that 100% of bottled water containers are recyclable, where facilities exist? Take advantage of your community’s recycling program, if one is available. For consumers that have recycling programs available through their municipality or locality, check your local phonebook to contact them and learn about recycling programs in your community and how to obtain the curbside recycling bins.

Recycling program guidelines differ depending on the area, so check with the local recycler regarding specific expectations and preparation of the materials. Here are some general guidelines:

Separate caps, lids, or easily removable labels from the plastic prior to recycling plastic bottles.
Rinse containers
Step on the bottle or container to reduce its volume before placing it in your recycling container

If you are not currently using a bottled water delivery service, recycling should be encouraged away from home as well. To obtain specialized recycling bins that are made for the office, church, school or special events, contact your local recycler.

A note of caution–although it is tempting, refilling single-serve water bottles with tap water and reusing them repeatedly is not recommended due to potential sanitation concerns. Continually refilling these water bottles with tap water, without cleaning or sanitizing the bottles in between can introduce harmful bacteria to the water that should not be consumed. Recycling plastic bottles or using a bottled water delivery service that sanitizes bottles and then recycles them is a much better alternative for you, your family and the environment.


Amid concerns of the impact of bottled water on the environment, it is time to step up and take action to go green. There are several options that enable you to continue to enjoy the benefits of bottled water while lessening the impact it has on the environment. Taking advantage of a bottled water delivery service at home and in the office, as well as promoting and recycling plastic bottles, are two ways in which you can go green.


1. International Bottle Water Association Press Release dated April 13, 2006;