Step Aerobics is Still One of the Best Workouts

The “Aerobic Step” exercise may seem like a thing of the past, but it can still be beneficial. Step aerobics is a high calorie burning exercise that is great for all skill levels. It does not require much instruction, and can be intensified by adding height to your step. To begin step aerobics, you will first need a step. You may also want to invest in risers, to make your step higher as you progress. Once you have your equipment, turn on some music and start moving.

Some common steps are:
• The basic up and down motion
• Knee lifts
• Stepping off of the side of the step
• Squats
• Hopping over the step
• Turning from side to side

All of these movements can be incorporated into your routine. One of the main factors is the pace and intensity at which you exercise. In order to receive the most benefit, you should exercise at a fast tempo.

Step aerobics works the butt, leg, and abdominal muscles. You can incorporate different moves to work more specific areas. Also, another great thing is that you can do it at your own home. The equipment is inexpensive and once you purchase it, there is no need for additional equipment.

There are several exercise DVD’s and tapes available that can show you how to do step aerobics, but once you have the hang of it, you may prefer to do it on your own with your favorite music playing.

The step itself can be used of additional exercises. You can use it for the side plank raise, squats, stretches, and elevated push-ups.

Step aerobics really is a fun, fat burning routine that can help you loose weight and gain energy. Although it can be an incredible workout, you might want to take precaution if you have a history of bad knees. There can be some ground and pound, but just make sure you have some good workout shoes that absorb the contact. Also make sure that the steps you are using are wide and long, in rare cases if the box is not wide enough they can tip over.