The Best Spyware & Adware Removal Software Tools

With many spyware & adware removal software tools on the market, there is one that stands out above the rest. The power adware tool that I’m talking about is Ad-Aware by Lavasoft.

Ad-Aware is the most downloaded and well known software on the market as it’s developed by the Lavasoft Company and has the most history among malware protection scanners. Lavasoft has been creating spyware removal tools for around 11 years and started creating software even before people were aware of malicious software. The software is free to try (full-version provides more functionality) and has provided millions of users protections against spyware, malware and adware. Ad-Aware is capable of performing a variety of functions, most importantly:

• Cleans and removes all forms of adware
• Able to right click documents and perform individual scans of single items
• Constant updates and has a pre-determined database of over 2 million known threats
• Customizable scan profiles and scheduler function
• System resources allocator
• “Live” protection

Note that some of these functions can only be accessed through the full-version of the software; however, the free version is adequate to protect your PC from all threats.

The installation process is very quick and has a step-by-step guide. Even the most tech un-savvy people will be able to perform this installation. You will be required to reboot your computer after the installation process is complete in order to start your first scan. The reboot is required so that the software can update the protection database.

The program loads fast and will start scanning within a matter of seconds. The computer that I tested the software on was a slow Toshiba Satellite laptop. The software does not bog down system resources and I was able to perform other tasks while running the scan. This is important as many spyware scanners take of a large chunk of system resources and makes your computer either inoperable or very sluggish.

The layout makes the program user friendly as is simple enough for even the novice computer user. Since the Ad-Aware program automatically detects quarantines and removes all threats automatically, there is basically no-room for error.

The free version provides adequate protection, but if you want to open up all the functions of Ad-Aware, it’s going to cost you around $ 40. This is just one of many reviews of the best spyware & adware removal software tools.