The Game of Calling a Guy – How to Sound Your Best on the Phone

Have you ever given a guy your phone number and then daydreamed about him asking you out? Did you end up sitting by the phone forever? Have you ever fretted over a guy not calling immediately after that first date? You’re not the only one!

Have you ever been on the edge of your seat waiting for your man to call for a second date? It can be confusing, because some guys like to wait awhile to call, and some guys just never call. This makes it hard to know if you should call him back. How do you know if you should wait, or give him a ring yourself? Have you ever driven yourself crazy waiting by the phone? You don’t want to look desperate, but you don’t want to pass up the opportunity for a second date either.

Calling men back is a game, but it’s not that difficult if you know how to play. Below are some ideas about how you can stop stressing over his next call.

If it’s the beginning of the relationship, wait for him to call you. If you absolutely have to call him, avoid sounding needy or clingy. Communication is important in any relationship, but you have to keep boundaries in place. You don’t want to be a total stalker. If you’re calling all the time to see who he’s with and what he’s doing, give it a rest. Don’t forget to give him his space.

You also don’t want to answer every time he calls. You want to keep him chasing you. You want to be available, but not too available. Pay attention to how many of his calls you answer. You’re always wondering about him. Make him wonder about you sometimes. You don’t want to get too carried away with this. Answer sometimes, just so he keeps hearing your sweet voice.

You also don’t want to stay on the phone forever, especially if you called him. You want to say just enough to make him want you more. If you’re not on the phone for too long, it will make him want to see you in person, and if you want to get and keep his attention, you’re always better off seeing him in person. You want to make sure he sees your sweet face as often as possible, plus that gives you more time to hang out with him.