Things to See and Do in Brittany

The coastline of Brittany France stretching for a length of about 750 miles offers tourists a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean aside from other attractions. Among these other attractions are Brest’s Oceanopolis aquarium, the prehistoric ruins in Gavrinish Island, and the 1689 Fort National of St-Malo. Brittany has indeed much to offer with beautiful picturesque landscapes from the longest coastline to historical castles and forts as well as ancient forests.

France’s Longest Coastline

The Brittany coastline could be divided into the Love Coast, the megalith coast, the Legends Coast, the Cornouaille Coast, the Goelo Coast, the Pink Granite Coast and the Emerald Coast. On the Love Coast, Brittany faces south, with the beaches stretching from Piriac-sur-Mer to Saint-Nazaire. Different types of megalith monuments can be found on the megalith coastline including the burial mounds, the dolmens, and the Carnac lines.

The Goelo Coast, a natural reserve, has 30 towns that include the Brehat Island, Paimpol, and Sant-Brieuc. The Pink Granite Coast is a place of many mansions from the 19th century. On the Cornouaille Coast there are various beaches and fishing ports.

Brittany Tourist Information

There are lots of attractive places to visit like the village of Le Mont Saint Michel which has the highest tides in Europe. Other important places to visit include:

• The Chateau Bonnefontaine, which is a fortified castle built during the time of the of the Duchess Anne de Bretagne;
• The mansions and cobbled streets of Dol-de-Bretagne;
• The town of Combourg with its restaurants, chateau, and lake;
• The Villecartier Forest.

Hiring a car in Brittany is an excellent way of exploring this wonderful region. There are options to hire a car at Nantes Airport, Rennes Airport and Brest Airport should you be arriving at any of these locations.

Weather in Brittany France

The weather in Brittany France is drier and warmer compared to that of England, especially in the summer. The south coast can be quite hot during the months of July and August but it may also be cloudy and raining at this time of year.

Even in winter, the climate may still be mild, especially in the far west where snow and frost are rarely seen. However, there may be times when the east will blow cold winds that could bring the temperature down to below five degrees. Sailing is a popular sport in Brittany because of the Atlantic stream that makes Brittany sufficiently windy.

Brittany Churches

Churches in Brittany include the Christian Praise and Worship, Christ Church Brittany, Eglise Saint Andre, La Maison Blanche, Guerlesquin, Eglise Sans Frontieres, Saint Bartholomew’s, and The Evangelical Church of Callac.

In summary there is much to explore in Brittany with one of the longest coastlines in Europe.